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Are hospitals in Maharashtra over reporting Covid-19 patients for money?

Many people have reported inflated hospital bills once they are declared as Covid-19 positive. Although the role of doctors in tackling this pandemic is commendable, there are various reports of people being fleeced by hospital staff.


Anonymous sources have even spoken about a collusion between the hospitals and insurance companies. Person who have died due to heart attack or other ailments have been issued death certificates where the cause of death is mentioned as Covid-19. Unsurprisingly, many term insurance does not cover death due to corona virus. The death certificates were only rectified after the family members raised the issue with authorities.

People detected Covid-19 positive are immediately asked to deposit 2,00,000 rupees immediately which can go to as high as 7,00,000 rupees in some hospitals. Many of those admitted claim to feel better on the 2nd day of hospitalization.

If you have experienced such a situation, do write to us.