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Why China needs to tone down

Chinese agression

China is looking for a deflection. It had always wanted the world to believe that the coronavirus did not emerge from China. The extent to which the Chinese authorities went to keep the information about the outbreak under wraps is now well known. The world still doubts if the Chinese have under reported the casualty count. The United States president Mr. Donald Trump had openly called it the Chinese virus making the Chinese establishment "very angry".

Since the CoViD-19 outbreak, China has sunk a Veitnamese fishing boat, used excessive force against Hongkong protestors, had disputes with the Phillipines, grabbed land in Nepal and fought a deadly skirmish with Indian forces in the Ladakh region which resulted in 20 deaths on the Indian side and innumerable others on the Chinese.

The aggressive China theory.

According to sources, a new blood of young leaders and military generals are behind these new Chinese aggression. They believe that while the world battles to defeat an invisible enemy, it also sets the stage to assert the Chinese might across the globe. This deflectionary strategy would make the world forget where the virus originated and focus on how to tackle China.

While they do have some "friends" as in the recently honey trapped Nepalese PM and old friend Pakistan; the Chinese have giants like US, India, Australia and Japan standing against their ambition. The idea to attack the world when the chips are down is probably going to backfire severely on China.

World actions

In retaliation to the Chinese action in her border, India has effectively banned the use of Chinese apps including the popular Tiktok. Road contracts worth billions have now been put into the shredder along with 5G upgrades. All imports from China have now under scanner in India. Chinese investment are now put on hold and will be eventually cancelled. The Indians want to hit China where it hurts the most; economically. The skirmish is Ladakh will cost China upward of 300 billion dollars in trade.

Although the looks small in comparison to a 15 trillion dollar annual package, similar sentiments like that in India is raising its head everywhere in the world. People globally blame the Chinese for withholding information from the world. Australia may follow suit and so will a few other powerful countries.

China is largely dependent on its exports which also means they need to maintain a healthy relationship with the world community. Using muscle power may tilt the scale against them and could eventually end up halving the GDP within the next 10 years. A country so rich in tradition should also possess a sense of responsibility towards the world as arrogance is the first sign of downfall.