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Did COVID-19 escape from a Chinese lab?

The world has looked at China with suspicion ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 broke out which has now infected millions of people worldwide. There is a reason to suspect foul play and a reason to believe that the virus may have originated from a lab in China and not just any meat market in Wuhan as claimed. To say that the idea of virus suddenly reaching its pandemic potential is not an easy pill to digest.

Let us look at some points which will make this entire coronavirus episode a suspect.

The death of the COVID-19 whistle blower

Dr. Li Wenliang

Dr. Li Wenliang was the 1st doctor who warned that a SARS like virus is infecting the population which could turn into a deadly killer if left unchecked. Withing days, the Chinese police paid him a visit and he was forced to admit that he had made a false statement. Days later, Dr. Li contracted the novel coronavirus and eventually died as a result of that infection.

Strange as it may sound, it was surprising to say the least that this doctor was silenced by the same disease for which he drew the world's attention to. The Chinese clearly did not want the world to know anything more than what they wanted to about this virus which clearly suggests that they had other plans.

The Chinese "successfully" control the outbreak.

The People's Republic of China or PRC as they like to mention in some of the cheap products they export to countries around the world, managed to stem the outbreak through "strong" measures which should be read as downplaying and under-reporting. Their factories shut shop for few weeks, the roads closed and air travel was banned. All these efforts drew a lot of appreciation from WHO but what was really happening?

Wuhan lockdown

Every newspaper originating from China wrote about the importance of Wuhan and the potential impact on their economy. The world was so lost in understanding the problem that they forgot to ask the important questions. Why Wuhan? Why not Beijing or Shanghai?

Around the world the most affected cities are the densely populated, high income cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai in India, New York in USA, London etc. But somehow, China gets lucky and they contain the virus before it causes havoc to their major cities.

It was all about economics

As China successfully control the virus, the whole world still fights with a pandemic. The Chinese reopen their factories to manufacture COVID-19 testing kits, PPE kits, masks, sanitizers etc and sold them around the globe knowing very well that a shortage was about to hit them all.

While the Chinese started minting money through exports, the world began struggling with lock-downs and complete shutdowns. The quality of Chinese exports too didn't match the expectations of the importers as complaints started pouring in from around the world. A clear indication that for China, it was all about economics thus deepening the suspicion.

The fight with Asia

Since the backlash from world community, China has shown an aggressive stance against many of its neighbouring countries. From sinking of a Philippines fishing boat to sanctions against Australia, the Chinese are trying to divert the world attention away from the mainland.

India China clash

So much so, that they deliberately instigated a bloody skirmish with a powerful neighbour; India, resulting in bloodshed which cost the lives of 20 Indian soldiers and an undisclosed number of Chinese casualties. The Chinese have refused to release the figure of the dead which is an indication that the number of soldiers killed might be higher than 45 as suggested by the Indian side.

The desperate superpower

The Chinese attempt to bully through to the top pedestal of power is what makes this pandemic a manufactured disaster aimed at destabilizing the world. It is safe to assume, that China had knowledge of this deadly virus and has a cure for the same. This pandemic is a biological warfare initiated by one of the most ruthless regimes in the world as an ultimate attempt to be the world's only Superpower.