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How Formula 1 is conducting races amid COVID-19

Formula 1; the pinnacle of motorsports started with their first race if 2020 in Austria last week. But how is F1 conducted this season amid stringent measures put in place to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic? This is how according to formula1.com

Courtesy: Formula1.com

1) Regular testing for all personnel

Every personnel attending the race needs a 'COVID-19 Negative' report before being allowed to fly to the venue. Regular testing will be conducted by private medical teams, during events, along with extra screening – including on arrival to the circuit – and all locally-based workers will also be tested before the event.

2) All events behind closed doors

All the 8 races which are to be held in Austria, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Spain & Italy will be closed to spectators, guests and partners. Only essential personnel allowed in the confines of the circuit.

3) Minimal personnel

The number of people to races from all parties, including the teams, the FIA, suppliers and F1 itself have been significantly reduced.

Personnel from respective team unit have been prohibited from interacting with the team members of any other team.

4) Isolated travel

The new normal for personnel travelling to races includes having a COVID-19 negative certificate from test conducted just before travel. Members will be flown in isolated manner and in chartered planes as much as possible. There will be private transfers between venues, hotels and airports to ensure all event staff travel in a restricted 'bubble' to prevent any wider interaction with the non-tested public.

5) Maintain social distancing at all times

Strict social distancing measures have been put in place which will be enforced throughout the F1 paddock and the circuit during each event.

Pre and post-race activities such as the national anthem, parc ferme, podiums and cool down rooms will be altered to ensure safe distances can be maintained, including media obligations and interviews.

How is your organisation implementing COVID-19 measures?