Jesus: Son of god explained

In many religions around the world, god is described as an old man who watches over all your actions from somewhere up in the sky. He is omnipresent and nothing is hidden from him. Sounds like a big brother system designed to control the living while discouraging them from getting too carried away in life. A control system, which is effective in controlling the human population. Sounds impossible logically because it is.

Nature does not understand the concept of control. It has in place a certain set of laws; the laws of nature. Just like the law of fire is to burn as long as it has fuel to keep it going. That's how simple the law of nature is. There is no complication. For example, when you get angry, you will notice how your breathing increases, you start sweating, in some cases our hands and leg start shivering. This affects the heart, the lungs and also the overall well being of our body. This is law of nature punishing us for losing our composure.

The natural state of human being

Humans forget that our natural state is that of immense love, peace, kindness and compassion. This is what the teachings of Jesus give emphasis to. The books not only describe him as a man of immense knowledge but also a man who was an ocean of love.

Love is a state where a person becomes selfless. Love is a constant in any person who understands the law of nature very well. This is a supreme state; a godly state. Infinite love means a person will do no harm to another being.

A person who has attained such a state means he has understood the true ways of the universe. A son learns from his father hence a person who has infinite love through his understanding of the law of nature, is truly a son of god.

Was Jesus a son of god?

Jesus was compassionate towards people whom the world despised. He showed empathy and showered immense love on all without discrimination. So much so that Jesus did not curse the people who put him to death, instead he asked for their forgiveness. Indeed, these traits prove that he had not only mastered the law of nature but also exuded goodness to all the people around him. These are divine qualities indeed and hence he is rightly called a 'Son of God'.

What about people who follow him?

Not all of his followers however seem to exhibit these superior qualities of Jesus. They have him only in their books and not in their actions. If you are a follower of Jesus but have negative qualities such as hatred, lust, greed, jealousy etc., then how can you call yourself his follower? If you discriminate between the people of other faiths, how can you justify your love for Jesus? The pastors who hail Jesus as a king truly miss the vital elements of his true teaching.

A true follower will not only have him in their heart but also in their everyday actions. He lived a simple life teaching love and compassion to others. You cannot say 'I love Jesus' while your job requires you to cut throat of your competitors in the name of business. One cannot love him by being jealous of other people's accomplishment. One cannot love him by killing in his name. You cannot say 'I love Jesus' by pretending to do good while your heart is thinking otherwise. It has to be natural.

Your actions speak louder than the praises you shout for him in the church.

What if Jesus had cursed the people who put him to death?

Jesus did not seek any miracle to save him at the last moment. He knew such an action will go against the law of nature, hence, he accepted his fate and in doing so set an example to the world. He lived by his principles till his very last breathe and was indeed an ocean of love.

It is said that the true character a man reveals itself when death is near. They put a crown of thorn on his head and drove nails through his hands and feet and yet this man does not speak ill of them. He cries and asks for forgiveness, not for himself or his followers, but for those people who have put him in this state. This is a true sign of godly quality.

If he had cursed them then he would've been exposed as a fraud, but love came naturally to him. Love was not manufactured to appease a larger audience in-order to rule over them. It was unadulterated; it was pure.

A question to all his followers: Can you be like Jesus?

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