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Lewis Hamilton conquers 7th heaven

Lewis Hamilton's run of successive Formula 1 world championships is now unbeaten at 4 in a row. The supremely talented British racing driver now stands shoulder to shoulder with Michael Schumacher at 7 championships each. When we add 94 wins for Lewis compared to 91 for Michael, the unarguably, Lewis Hamilton has surpassed the F1 legend to become the most successful formula 1 driver in history. It was a tough race at Istanbul, Turkey which eventually separated the boys from men and saw experienced drivers, Sergio Perez (P2, Racing Point) and Sebastian Vettel (P3, Ferrari) taking the top steps of the podium.

Lewis Hamilton world champion
Hamilton wins the Turkish Grand Prix and seals his 7th F1 World Championship

"This year I’ve been driven not just by my desire to win on the track, but by a desire to help push our sport, and our world to become more diverse and inclusive, I promise you I am not going to stop fighting for change. We have a long way to go but I will continue to push for equality within our sport, and within the greater world we live in." Hamilton wrote after his championship win.

Lewis Hamilton has been the most consistent performer in F1 since his rookie year in 2007 and has won at-least 1 race in every year since. Although many critics attribute his success to his machinery, it must be said that every sport has a bit of luck involved. Hamilton wasn't so lucky in 2007 (McLaren), 2012 (McLaren) but his decision to jump from a race winning McLaren to a barely competitive Mercedes from the 2013 season onward was a lucky decision. On his critics after the Instanbul Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said, "I want more of these weekends. More tricky conditions like this. The more opportunities like this, the more I’m able to show what I’m able to do. And I think today hopefully you can see, I think I deserve my respect.”

Words of praise and congratulations poured in on social media from around the world following his win. Here are some of the tweets: