Passion is motivation

Passion; the driving force of ideas. This is what differentiates the best from the good. A compelling force that drives people to deliver the best of things. Without passion, success is measured only within the parameter of profit whereas a little heart in any effort becomes a soul satisfying experience. So, if you feel very disheartened due to lack of success; it is time to for some hardcore self assessment.

The missing link

Often we see people with immense knowledge and higher financial success being miserable. The scenario in most of the cases echos with the early part of life. People often chose their profession based on the financial prospect in the future. The dire need to be financially successful is the driving force behind these choices. Society has put a big impetus on financial success, thereby negating a person’s need to have a satisfying experience. This is where the seeds of misery are first sown.

The Parent Trap

For many people in a country like India, life usually begins with parents deciding what they perceive as best for their children. This decision-making persists until they think their children are mature enough; which is usually never in their books. From clothing to school, to the kind of friends they make to the college they choose; parents are relentless in their pursuit. For them, their children are always innocent and incapable of taking the right decisions. Right intentions nonetheless, but their decision to impose their will on children even when the child is reluctant is what lays the foundation of a ‘motivation-less future.

Parents would often use techniques like ’emotional blackmailing’ with phrases like “We only suggest what is best for you” to justify their actions. A child who is good at arts will be brainwashed into believing that their passion in art is a waste of time. Even athletics is a shy topic to be usually stayed away from. So many young dreams are being forced to abandon prematurely as they are perceived to be a financially weak choice. They want their kids to enter a tried and tested field instead of the unknown. What they actually wish for the child to become, is a person who could be easily assimilated into the system. A person who could be hired by a corporate or government enterprise without much of a hassle. The future is all about being secure hence, a ‘small’ sacrifice of a ‘unrealistic’ dream is a must.

The friend factor

Arguably the most powerful influence in our lives are the friends. The kind of people that we attract in our lives are not usually a carbon copy of our personality. Although some common interests may match; our friends are always unique. In most groups, there is at least one person who influences the others in the lot. The ability of this person to sway the crowd in his or her favor coupled with charisma may actually make you question your own choices. Out of peer pressure or through the sheer mind altering conversation with this friend, some jump into the unknown. Many of them would later regret having ever listened to that friend at all.

Mass Media

Never underestimate the power of media as therein lies the power to alter perceptions. Influence of media is far-reaching leading to unrealistic life / lifestyle choices which are portrayed as ‘cool’. The Indian film industry in Mumbai for example, attracts 1000’s of ‘so called’ talent everyday. Only few among them manage to get a foothold. It is not that all of them lack talent but it is because the talent-pool is overflowing. Boy’s and girl’s flock to this city in a hope that someday they too may be recognized in the world of glamour. Not all succeed and many end up doing menial jobs or end up in depression. Some however manage to get a break in this industry though devious means and are often subjected to massive emotional and physical compromises.

Most of these people could have been in other successful jobs but they chose to be in the world of glamour just because they or their near ones are influenced by the media. “You are too beautiful, you should try modelling” or “you are too handsome, you should be a film hero” are mind altering compliments. They are part of a bigger subconscious mind control exercise carried out by the media for a long time. This mass media has a far-reaching effect on people’s mind and behavior.

The success story

People who always had a vision of what they want to be and remained passionate to that cause come hail or storm are those for whom history is written. They neither get influenced nor do they care about what other’s think. These people are innovators and masters of their own life. They are not only educated like the other people but also perform the same work. Such people usually are risk takers and are always at the top of their motivation level even when they fail to get financial success initially. Now these people can be engineers or actors, businessperson or a writer. The secret ingredient of their success is PASSION.

Passion is all that you need

So let’s assume that all those external influences have now made you choose a career from which you cannot back out and now you are struggling to find your feet. Take a time out to analyse yourself. In most cases you will see that your mind is focused on rushing the matter in hand. You might be either visualizing the financial benefit or personal fame before even executing the project and in some cases, just to finish the work in hand and get going. You are living in the future. This is where things go wrong. Although you might end up making the profit you envisioned or the get that extra free time, this short-term gain also has long-term negative implications.

Lack of passion is the easiest giveaway of a pretentious mindset and is mostly never satisfying; neither for you nor for the client or employee. A satisfying work experience is actually beneficial in more way than one. Passion compels your mind to enjoy the ‘PRESENT’ instead of worrying about the ‘future’ thus adding more value to your every endeavor.

Find passion in your work and you will find yourself in a different zone altogether. Like a lotus flower in a muddy pond, you can find passion even in work which bores you. Be fair in your self assessment and you will get a clearer picture. Find out what excites you and it will take you to new heights. With passion, you will find that not only is the time taken for execution has gone down significantly but also more is accomplished in a short period of time. Being passionate about what we do is the most soul satisfying experience.

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