Successful people compete with themselves

Very often we find ourselves on the “I want to prove myself to them” side. Some may find it motivating but in all honesty, it beats the purpose of having a goal altogether. To be truly successful, one has to go deeper than that. One has to explore oneself and seek the answers

from within.

You see, the beauty of any goal lies in its simplicity and passion. If I want to do gardening so that I could enjoy some delicious fruits, then that goal sounds beautiful. However, if someone grew a tree which now bears delicious fruit and now even I want to grow one just to prove something or to beat someone worsens the entire experience. This is competing with someone not yourself.

If I however, grew a tree which bore me a delicious fruit and now I want to grow more such trees which can bear many such fruits in-order to provide for others, now that’s challenging oneself. Here passion, motivation and a simple idea makes it a worthwhile experience; financially and emotionally.

The world is an ever changing and an ever demanding place. Each day, millions of people carry themselves with nothing but a dire need to survive towards their work places. Not everyone likes their jobs and not everyone is happy. Neither the man who earns in thousands nor the one who made a million. The problem is with the system.

The present system is built upon the principle where one has to milk the maximum from any individual. This scenario necessitates competition forcing people to compete at levels unlike ever before. It’s a vast ecosystem where the powerful feeds on the weak. A state of constant unrest is essential to keep the wheels of economy turning.

Such a system is responsible for the many psychological and physical downfalls in individuals. Where one part of the world is living off in excesses, the other part is mired in poverty. This is because we feel that without our providers, we may not survive our ordeal on this planet. This notion is false and outright submission to slavery. This is where passion of an individual is subdued so that the ego of the powerful could be fed.

To be successful means to pinpoint your passion and challenge your own shortcomings. Success usually come to those who persevere with what they like in a way which makes them masters of their passion. If your measurement of success is based on how other people feel about your endeavor then most probably you are doing it right. However, if people do appreciate your work without you seeking for it, then you are successful.

In short, to be a success, you need a combination of strong passion and vision. If you are willing to bet everything to achieve this passion without being a stress to other people or environment, you will feel at peace. Keep a calm, focused and steady mind always and never get too happy or too sad with what you do. So not allow your mind to play the game of extreme emotions. Just accept each step and keep moving.

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