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The Crazy Indian Media

Updated: Mar 4

Loud, obnoxious, crass, disgusting & other similar words can be rightfully used to describe the state of Indian Media houses. NEWS reporting has somehow became a competition on who has the 'trending' hashtags with equally disgraceful headlines. Anchors have somehow got an illusion that they are above the law and totally unaccountable for their actions.

The media is the 4th pillar of democracy. A free and an independent media ensures that those in power are under constant scrutiny and held accountable. This is where Indian media houses seems to have lost the plot. They have willfully bowed down to their political masters and have become the mouthpiece of the ruling party. So much so, that these media houses openly criticize the ones who refuse to take side.

History has taught us many lessons and it seems India will soon be a subject of -'what should not be done in a democracy' for the world sooner than we thought. The crazy media is just part of the bigger plan to further propagate the ideology of this current government. If the previous governments divided the society by being extremely minority-centric; the present one is doing the opposite but the strategy remains the same. This is what the media should be investigating and reporting instead going with the flow of those in power.

The job of a journalist is to investigate, uncover the truth and tell a story to world. What we see in most of the NEWS channels is an anchor who decides what the story needs to be

based on his or the "High commands" assumption. Then they decide who needs to be portrayed as a hero and who should be bullied. They shout and scream to make the audience believe that they are right and this nonsense is run day in and day out. What they actually do is distract the common folks from the real issues plaguing the nation.

These kind of sensational journalism may signal the beginning of trust in free media. Perhaps this is what the masters want; a weakened 4th pillar so that power can be enjoyed without being questioned.

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